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The Integrated Digital Electoral Atlas for BC currently in use at Elections BC (EBC) includes the extensive software package INDEA, developed and owned by BCS, together with an up-to-date network of roads and address ranges, buildings and address points, along with other features, for the entire Province of British Columbia, Canada. Its development evolved in response to requirements of BCS customers, and predominantly the need at EBC for an integrated electronic data set on which to base its management of BC Provincial elections.



The INDEA is housed in an IBM Informix geospatial database rather than a conventional GIS. The system at use at EBC contains an integrated network of roads, municipal boundaries, Electoral District (ED) and Voter Area (VA) boundaries, building and address points, as well as considerable background data, including hydrography, railways, watershed boundaries, parks and Indian reserves. BCS has developed a comprehensive set of facilities for managing this complex data collection; please click on any of the following links to learn more about what the INDEA is and what it can do:

INDEA Overview
INDEA Data and Implementation
INDEA Data Model
INDEA Functionality
INDEA Geocoding
INDEA Data Management
INDEA Batch Processing