BCS's Detect/NDE is a software system for visualization and resolution enhancement of ultrasonic datasets obtained in nondestructive evaluation applications. The system runs in a Windows environment, with display and processing functions being implemented in the form of screens. These screens provide imaging windows and an interactive button-oriented interface with point-and-click control. Resolution enhancement is provided by an efficient special-purpose algorithm for sparse deconvolution developed by BCS. The overall system allows the rapid analysis and interpretation of both planar (i.e., B-scan and C-scan) and volume (Z-scan) datasets.

The graphical interface and most of the processing functions are written in IDL. A license and complete documentation for IDL are also supplied by BCS with the Detect/NDE package.

Some examples of the look and feel of the display and processing features of Detect/NDE are provided through the images in the tour.

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